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Convergo keeps up the work despite global lock down

Even though we all are living under some disruptive circumstances because of Covid-19 virus, we at Convergo is up and running in normal pace We are actually experiencing an increased interest in BIM now during times when we are not able to physically interact in meetings and trade fairs. Many…

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Byarumsbruk – outdoor furniture for public and private use

Byarumsbruk are manufacturers of classic and lasting equipment for parks and public spaces Byarum have the products available as BIM-objects for both Revit and ArchiCAD. For further information and download contact: Byarumsbruk  

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Let your architects do the marketing for you

The steady and accelerating rise of BIM including all the studies published in this field show us what an excellent enhancement its visualization effects comprise. However, the question arises whether such visualized projects are any improvement for other industries than the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) industry? The answer is…

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3D Visualization

3D visualization is used everywhere today! From car advertising over phone manufacturers, yogurt manufacturers or soft drink companies, to the furniture industry where more and more 3D is used in their catalogs: The world gets recreated digitally. By producing photorealistic high-quality renderings for real working situations, companies do not only…

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How BIM can help manufacturers

As discussed in the previous blog How to impress contract architects, nowadays almost all architects are aware of the term BIM and its visualization and information advantages. Despite this fact, many product manufacturers are still not adapting this revolutionary trend. Hence, right now there is a short time frame in…

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How to impress contract architects

Of course architects and designers value the quality of your products, your materials and reputation… However, equally to all human beings architects/designers prefer convenient working environments in which their long-term partners provide them with the assets they need! At this point product manufacturers can step out of the crowd of…

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