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What is BIM?

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a profound change in designing, planning, building and maintaining projects in the AEC industry. The various involved parties, such as architects, designers, contractors, planners, builders, consultants, and civil engineers, are encouraged to collaborate and share information from the design phase on, resulting in a complex set of information about the entire building which is stored in an integrated database – a digital 3D model fed with lots of information.

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What does convergo do?

Convergo is a conversion service which helps product manufacturers converting their CAD files (e.g. STEP file) into BIM models (e.g. ArchiCAD, Revit, SketchUp, AutoCAD, etc.). These intelligent models can be used by architects and designers in numerous projects, such as building and construction.

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Who is Convergo?

We are a young, dynamic and international team who wants to provide a simple and fast service which will be flexibly adapted to your specific requirements. Furthermore, we as the Convergo team want to be a reliable partner as your BIM consultant in long-term relations. Convergo is part of the future and has the following visions:
  1. Being More Parametric
    Creating models with lots of complex properties like textures, colors, sizes etc. which can be easily controlled by user. GDL language skill required.
  2. Providing Container Files
    A container compressed file which contains all the textures of the whole collection of objects provided by manufacturers.
  3. Fully Automated
    Fully automated system in which a manufacturer can log in and can get the parametric models with all the properties and formats for his clients. The process can be simply done as shown below.
  4. Globally
    A worldwide service which can be used by all the companies around the world to get their BIM models.
  5. The Planner
    A 3D Planner which will be used for planning, creating 2D and 3D layouts, getting Bill of Materials and making visualizations. The Planner will use Convergo-intelligent models and will be a tool for re-sellers and planners to create professional quotes and plans both for professional customers and consumers.

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Latest News

Convergo keeps up the work despite global lock down

Even though we all are living under some disruptive circumstances because of Covid-19 virus, we at Convergo is up and running in normal pace We are actually experiencing an increased interest in BIM now during times when we are not able to physically interact in meetings and trade fairs. Many…

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Byarumsbruk – outdoor furniture for public and private use

Byarumsbruk are manufacturers of classic and lasting equipment for parks and public spaces Byarum have the products available as BIM-objects for both Revit and ArchiCAD. For further information and download contact: Byarumsbruk  

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