Oktober 6th, 2014

The steady and accelerating rise of BIM including all the studies published in this field show us what an excellent enhancement its visualization effects comprise. However, the question arises whether such visualized projects are any improvement for other industries than the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) industry? The answer is clearly yes! BIM also serves as a brilliant marketing tool within the interior design industry.

Since BIM allows the interior designer to illustrate his/her designs and ideas to the customer, a much greater understanding of the project can be gained which also enables the customer to express own ideas more clearly. Simply put, to a (non-professional) human being a picture still says more than a thousand words!! And in this sense, while a technical 2D drawing is far away from what a non-professional would call a picture, a 3D model of the project presents a descriptive, vivid and clear illustration of what the customer can expect.

Furthermore, BIM allows the customer to virtually “walk through” the building and its various rooms, to see the interior under different lightings, to view the interior designs from different angles (giving the customer a full 360° view)… What better impression of the interior design could the customer get?

Combining all these arguments, BIM provides a huge marketing contribution for product manufacturers and architects as it enables high-quality visualization of the design to the customer. Less re-designs, less disappointed customers… high value-added for the interior design industry!!

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