oktober 5th, 2014

3D visualization is used everywhere today! From car advertising over phone manufacturers, yogurt manufacturers or soft drink companies, to the furniture industry where more and more 3D is used in their catalogs: The world gets recreated digitally.

By producing photorealistic high-quality renderings for real working situations, companies do not only save time and money but can also express desired emotions and push the limits a bit further. Visualization as a part of the digitalization trend has now even reached the sometimes called “old-fashioned” AEC industry. More and more architects, construction companies, or product manufacturer such as furniture producers understand the value of illustrating plans of their designs, may it be the the concept of the building, the building structure or the interior design. At this visualization can reach all levels of detail, from rough concepts to detailed and precise texturing, shading, lighting or animating objects and environments. Additionally, by illustrating and visualizing projects, communication becomes more convenient which makes collaboration much easier, and both costs and spent time are lowered as a result of higher effectiveness.

A further step along the visualization within AEC projects can be expected through the rise of BIM (Building Information Modeling). Since increasingly many companies adapt BIM to their working techniques and processes, as a result more visualization expertise will be required and developed.

As an example of the fascinating possibilities of visualization, watch a video of our university partner Campus i12: Digital Visualization

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