oktober 4th, 2014

As discussed in the previous blog How to impress contract architects, nowadays almost all architects are aware of the term BIM and its visualization and information advantages. Despite this fact, many product manufacturers are still not adapting this revolutionary trend. Hence, right now there is a short time frame in which you have the chance to stand out as an innovative leader in your industry!!

Among other activities, we as the Convergo team are part of the BIM education process in Sweden (e.g. our CEO is in the board of Campusi 12 promoting digital visualization). Through our contacts to furniture producers, architects, companies of the AEC industry, or BIM experts we realized that the community of BIM users is growing faster and faster. Most of these contacts express that the adaption of BIM is turning from Early Adopters to Early Majority or even mainstream (see BIM adaption curve). But what does that mean for you? It means that NOW is the time to become a part of BIM, too. NOW is the time when you either lead the pack or you follow the pack!!

By providing BIM models, you get in closer contact with your architect/designer partners during the design phase, your products can be included in the construction phase, and your information becomes available during the management of the facility, for example in renovation phases. For more information about BIM just click on the little question What is BIM? at the top of the screen.

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