oktober 3rd, 2014

Of course architects and designers value the quality of your products, your materials and reputation… However, equally to all human beings architects/designers prefer convenient working environments in which their long-term partners provide them with the assets they need!

At this point product manufacturers can step out of the crowd of competitors: modern architects/designers work with up-to-date software programs in which they design but also collaborate with other involved parties. Since time is always an issue, nothing becomes more annoying than having to redraw serial produced products from scratch just to fit them within the program. By providing 3D models of their products, product manufacturers can support architects/designers by saving their time AND providing them with all additionally necessary data such as materials, alternatives, contact information, etc.. Hence, not only will you support the architect/designer with a convenient working environment, but you will also stay in her mind much longer since she doesn´t have to look for extra information herself: the information is already there!!

The way towards such intelligent product models is called Building Information Modeling (BIM). Nowadays all architects are aware of this term and its great advantages in visualization and information-sharing. Many of our manufacturing partners constantly receive inquiries for intelligent 3D models of their products. If you start offering important BIM formats such as Revit, ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, or SketchUp now, you will surely impress architects and designers. From that, an increase in your sales figures is only a question of time.

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